Urban Culture / Street Art


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Urban art, through graffiti, murals and other stencil artworks, has left its mark on the streets of the cities of Portugal.
Whether it is in protest or purely aesthetic, each art piece tells a story.

Street art in Lisbon, best global spot?
Elected by the English newspaper The Guardian, as the best city of street art in the world, Lisbon is now the nerve center with a vast amount of street works. On glass containers, facades of disused factories, or inhabited buildings, art is revealed at every street corner and illuminates the Portuguese capital. Why did Lisbon become the ultimate spot in a few years? This is explained  due to the strong presence of good artists, the environment  and climate. In short Lisbon has all the conditions for expressing oneself freely.

Today Portugal has  an inexhaustible source of talented Street Artists. Some are already famous and have created works all over the world, others just emerging, overflowing with creativity and will undoubtedly be on the top of the scene in a short time.
Here is a selection of urban artists “Made in Portugal” you must absolutely know.

Established Street artists from Portugal

Bordalo II  (Bordalo Secundo) was born in Lisbon, 1987. I belong to a generation that is extremely consumerist, materialist and greedy. With the production of things at its highest, the production of “waste” and unused objects is also at its highest. “Waste” is quoted because of its abstract definition: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. He creates, recreates, assembles and develops ideas with end-of-life material and try to relate it to sustainability, ecological and social awareness.    read also my article: “Bordalo II an artist turns trash into street art masterpiece” 

Rabbit by Bordalo II street artist from portugal
Bordalo II artwork in Portugal
Bird by Bordalo II street artist from portugal
Artwork by Bordalo II
Bordalo II artwork - Red Squirel in Dublin by The Portuguese street artist
Bordalo II – Red Squirel in Dublin

Vhils is a Portuguese artist.  Alexandre Farto aka Vhils  has developed a unique visual language based on an aesthetics of vandalism derived from his background in illegal graffiti. He works by shaping  the surface layers of walls and other mediums with non-conventional tools and techniques, establishing symbolic reflections on identity, life in the urban context, the passage of time, and the relationship of interdependence between people and the surrounding environment. Since 2005 he has been presenting his work around the world in solo and group shows, art events, institutions, and site-specific interventions. He is represented in several public and private collections in various countries.

Vhils a street artist from Portugal
Vhils Artwork
Artwork by Vhils in lisbon . Street art in Portugal
Vhils in Lisbon
Vhils street artist from portugal artwork in Tahiti -Papeete
Vhils artwork in Tahiti -Papeete

Pantonio  is a Portuguese artist, from the islands of Azores.  Known by his huge dimension murals, depicting flows of animals in a characteristic style

Street artist from Portugal Pantonio in St Petersburg
Pantonio in St Petersburg
Street artist from Portugal Pantonio in Moscow
Pantonio in Moscow
Street art by street artist from portugal Pantonio
Pantonio Artwork

Daniel Eime part of a fresh new wave of Portuguese street art is a master of stencil, combining his wizardry of detail with other techniques including abstract lines, altogether shedding different light and shape to his subjects. Degree in set design, he has worked a couple of years in this area but since 2011 that he lives exclusively for street art.

Daniel street artist from Portugal Eime Mural
Daniel Eime Mural
Street Artist from Portugal Daniel Eime in Acquapendente - Italy
Daniel Eime in Acquapendente – Italy
huge mural by street artist from portugal Daniel Eime
Daniel Eime Mural

Odeith was born in 1976, in Damaia (Portugal). He held a spray can for the first time in the mid 1980s, but it was in the 1990s, when graffiti began its dissemination throughout Portugal and began to leave its Portuguese birthplace, Carcavelos, that the artist had his first contact with graffiti and its movement.Currently, back in Lisbon, he assumed painting as his main activity, having created large scale murals for major national and international enterprises such as the London Shell, Kingsmill, the Coca-Cola Company, Estradas de Portugal, Samsung, Sport Lisboa e Benfica (football club) and several Portuguese city halls such as Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and Câmara Municipal de Oeiras, amongst others. Amid all the events he participated in, we highlight: Meeting of Styles (Alemanha), Museum of Public Art (Louisiana, EUA), MuBE – Brazilian Museum for Sculpture (São Paulo, Brasil), 1st Bienal del Sur (Panamá) and the Berardo Collection Museum’s 2nd anniversary party.

Odeith street artist and graffiti artist from portugal 3 d graffiti
Red flashback by Odeith
Fantastic 3d graffiti by Odeith street artist from portugal
Artawork by Odeith
Odeith street artist from portugal 3 d graffiti
Odeith Graffiti and Sreet Art

MRDheo always related to Art, when he was three years old he began to copy sentences from newspapers and magazines and drawing on his own. Always rejecting any kind of connection to a school or Art course in his childhood, he developed his own techniques, which enabled him to evolve without direct influences. As an autodidact, the first contact with graffiti appeared at the age of fifteen and soon his drawings turned into countless letter studies. Months later he did his first street painting and started to meet other artists to whom he related and that motivated him to carry on. Today – after 17 years of continuous work – Mr.Dheo collaborates with well-known international brands and companies although he keeps the street as the perfect place to create. Versatile, he dedicates himself mostly to photorealistic productions which, together with graphic components, gives him a very personal style in constant growth and development. He took his artwork to more than 40 international cities in countries such as USA, China, Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Dubai, Israel and all over Europe.

Street art from portugal by Mrdheo
MrDheo Artwork
Mural by MrDheo street artist from portugal
Mural by MrDheo
MrDheo Street Art from Portugal
MrDheo Street Art

VIOLANT is a very famous muralist and street artist from Portugal.

Violant street artist from Portugal mural
Violant Artwork Photo by Gui Mota Photography
Violant mural . Street art in Portugal
Violant artwork “The fall of Adam” photo by Ana Logica
Violant mural . Street artist from Portugal
Violant “Cerberus” photo by Silvia Afonso

Emerging Street Artists in Portugal : 


Nomen was born in 1974 , is one of the pioneer of street art and Graffiti in Portugal.

Street Art in Portugal by Nomen
Art by Nomen, Vespa PDF & Utopia in Sacavém, Portugal
Fish painted by Nomen Street Artist from Portugal
Nomen Mural

Ram  is the name under which Portuguese visual artist Miguel Caeiro  born in  1976 has been operating since he began painting illegally in the streets in 1997.

Ram, street artist from portugal mural
Mural by Ram
Ram a street artsit from Portugal
Ram Artwork


KAS  (Kas Art) was born and raised in Porto (Portugal) and now lives and works in Brussels (Belgium). His passion of art began at a young age. His father also a painter was a major part of his childhood and had big influence on him.
He started painting graffiti in the streets in 1999, self-made artist has learned informally from some greatest graffiti artists in Portugal. This artist  had the opportunity to make graffiti projects for several national and international companies. He is participated in various street art events in Europe (Italy,Greece,Malta,France,Netherland,Belgium,Portugal,Ireland etc.) and realised various international exhibitions. In recent works he mixes photorealism and puzzle patterns giving a 3D effect to his works.

Kas art street artist from portugal mural
Kas Art mural
Street Art by Kas Art from Portugal
Kas Art Mural

Bigod , João Domingos (Born in 1992) a.k.a BIGOD, graduated in Fine Arts and Multimedia, began painting in 2014, on small Street Art related projects.  First experienced a spray can during summer vacation with his cousins who were already painting and from there he never stopped painting.
In painting he develops two distinct lines of work.
– Pictures from the past and customs of the people.
– Deconstruction of portraits
Including geometric shapes, with colors or only outlines.

horses painted on a wall by Bigod street artist from portugal
Bigod street art
Bigod is a street artist from portugal . He painted two characters on a wall
Bigod Street Art

SKRAN is an amazing and very creative  street artist from Almada, Portugal

bird painted on a wall by Skran a street artist from Portugal
Skran Mural
amazing mural painted by Skran from portugal
Skran Street Art

André Nada  is a Portuguese Street Artist. He realizes huge murals with a completely unique style. 

character painted on wall by Andre Nada
Mural by Andre Nada
huge mural with a character in white and red by Andre Nada
Street Art by Andre Nada


[Critique Livre] Street art, jeux éphémères : vous ne regarderez plus les villes de la même manière !


Après Street art, poésie urbaine, Street art, jeux éphémères, le second ouvrage de Sophie Pujas, nous emmène à la rencontre de ces artistes de l’éphémère qui habillent nos paysages urbains de poésie. A travers le monde entier, ils attirent ainsi notre regard là où il ne se serait pas forcément porté sans eux…

L’art. L’étendue des possibilités offertes par la culture urbaine du Street Art semble sans infinie. C’est en tout cas ce que nous découvrons à travers ces 21 portraits d’artistes pour qui la ville est un terrain de jeu, une matière brute. En effet, c’est là que leur créativité, leur inspiration et leur talent peuvent s’exprimer sans limite si ce n’est celle du respect des lieux et de leur âme.

Et la manière. Donner une nouvelle vie à des objets abandonnés, parsemer les murs de nuées de papiers pliés aux couleurs vives, recouvrir le bitume et les bouches d’égouts d’arabesques à la craie, ou encore inventer un autre destin aux sacs poubelle et bennes à ordures… La spontanéité et la liberté qui caractérisent l’art urbain donnent parfois lieu à des résultats surprenants ! Alors forcément, après avoir eu ce livre entre les mains, vous ne regarderez plus les villes de la même manière…

Street art jeux éphémères est paru en octobre 2016 aux Éditions Tana.


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Street art : 10 artistes à connaître absolument

Que vous marchiez dans les rues de Paris, Berlin, Rio, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Cape Town, ou même Kaboul, ouvrez les yeux ! On n’y prête souvent peu attention. Pourtant les murs, les sols et les recoins cachés des villes cachent parfois de vraies œuvres d’art. Incroyablement créatif, monumental ou délibérément discret, engagé et très varié, le street art mérite que l’on s’y intéresse davantage. C’est pourquoi nous avons sélectionné pour vous 10 des plus importants street artistes de la planète.


Bien que sa véritable identité reste un mystère, Banksy est sans aucun doute le graffeur le plus connu à travers le monde. Il travaille la plupart du temps avec la technique des pochoirs et envoie un message fort à travers chacune de ses créations. Kissing Policemen, Napalm, The girl & the soldier, Girl with a balloon, ou encore French Maid sont quelques-unes de ses très célèbres œuvres.

-Eduardo Kobra

Orignaire de São Paulo, Eduardo Kobra a commencé à embellir les rues du Brésil avant de propager son art dans le monde entier. Son style – très reconnaissable – est graphique et coloré, à la manière d’un kaléidoscope. Il a notamment repris la photographie V-J Day in Times Square d’Alfred Eisenstaedt sur un mur de New York, et réalisé une fresque intitulée Peace sur la façade du MAAM Museum à Rome.


Comme Banksy, Above n’a jamais dévoilé son véritable nom. On sait cependant qu’il est californien et qu’il a commencé à exercer le street art vers 1995 en peignant sur les trains des flèches pointées vers le haut – un dessin simple devenu aujourd’hui son symbole. Outre ces « arrows », Above a également réalisé des œuvres au pochoir, telles que « Stealing from the Rich and Giving to the Poor » à Lisbonne.


Composé non pas d’un mais de trois artistes berlinois, Mentalgassi est en fait un collectif connu pour ses manipulations de la photographie et pour ses installations sur des objets en trois dimensions. Les trois amis ont expliqué avoir commencé leur projet artistique en 2007 tout simplement parce que cela les amusait. Leurs œuvres – comme par exemple les installations « Public Intimacy » – sont d’ailleurs parmi les plus drôles et les plus ludiques du monde du street art.

-Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

Née en Oklahoma en 1985, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh est l’un des plus grands espoirs du street art. Alors que ses illustrations étaient déjà reprises dans le livre « Art For Obama: Designing Manifest Hope and the Campaign for Change » en 2009, cette street artiste ne s’est faite réellement remarquer qu’en 2012 avec son projet « Stop Telling Women to Smile ». Avec ses collages de portraits de femmes, sous-titrés de phrases choc telles que « My outfit is not an invitation » (« Mes vêtements ne sont pas une invitation »), elle a réussi à attirer l’attention sur le harcèlement quotidien dont les femmes sont victimes.


C215, Christian Guémy de son vrai nom, est un pochoiriste français. Comme Kobra, il réalise un street art très coloré, souvent en version monumentale. Les amoureux, les chats et les enfants sont les thèmes qu’il affectionne le plus. L’immense chat, qu’il peint sur un mur de 25 mètres de haut à Paris en 2007, est l’une de ses principales œuvres.


Bien qu’ayant commencé par le graffiti, SpY n’est pas considéré comme un graffeur mais bien comme un talentueux street artist. Le travail de ce madrilène se concentre sur les détournements d’objets et la réappropriation d’espaces urbains. SpY lui-même explique qu’il veut créer une « parenthèse dans l’inertie automatisée des citadins ». Ses oeuvres – telles que la plante dans le panier de basket, ou encore les 150 caméras de sécurité installées sur une seule et même façade – sont empreintes d’humour, d’ironie et appellent à la réflexion.


Né à Paris en1983, JR est avant tout photographe. Mais c’est en exposant ses clichés en format géant dans les rues du monde entier que ce frenchy est devenu l’un des street artistes les plus acclamés de ces dernières années. Ses collages Face 2 Face, Women are Heroes, Portrait d’une génération ou encore The Wrinkles of the City sont tous plus saisissants les uns que les autres. JR est aussi la preuve qu’un projet artistique illégal peut faire évoluer les esprits puisque depuis le 4 juin dernier, l’installation « JR Au Panthéon! » recouvre l’un des plus importants monuments de la capitale.


Diplômée du prestigieux Pratt Institude et spécialisée dans la gravure, Caledonia Dance Curry – alias Swoon – a donc suivi un cursus d’apprentissage artistique classique. Mais dès l’âge de 19 ans, cette new-yorkaise choisit la rue plutôt que les galeries d’art et se fait rapidement un nom grâce à son style poétique et hippie. Outre ses collages, ses radeaux « Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea » et « Swimming Cities of Serenissima » (réalisés à partir d’objets de récupération) sont parmi ses œuvres les plus populaires.

-Shamsia Hassani

Si les femmes restent assez peu nombreuses dans le monde du street art, imaginez ce qu’il en est en Afghanistan. Pourtant, Shamsia Hassani – jeune habitante de Kaboul – fait partie des street artistes à suivre avec le plus d’attention. La guerre et la condition des femmes dans l’Islam sont ses thèmes de prédilection. Ses grandes silhouettes bleues, représentant des femmes en burqa, sont d’ailleurs son signe de reconnaissance.

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